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ISAN by Mary Ting - Book Blitz + Giveaway

Mary Ting
Published by: Vesuvian Books
Publication date: May 1st 2018
Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Meteors devastated the Earth. World Governments developed plans to help surviving citizens. The United States disbanded and salvageable land was divided into our quadrants—North, South, East, and West—governed by The Remnant Council.
Struggling to survive, seventeen-year-old Ava ends up in juvenile detention, until she is selected for a new life—with a catch. She must be injected with an experimental serum. The results will be life changing. The serum will make her “better.” To receive the serum, Ava agrees to join a program controlled by ISAN, the International Sensory Assassin Network.
While on a mission, she is abducted by a rebel group led by Rhett and told that not only does she have a history with him, but her entire past is a lie perpetuated by ISAN to ensure her compliance. Unsure of who to trust, Ava must decide if her strangely familiar and handsome captor is her enemy or her savior—and time is running out.

When the bodyguard with the gun directed the weapon at Roxy, something dangerous ignited in me knowing my team would be next. This foreign existence in my core wanted blood. It wanted death. It wanted destruction. I became a monster. Helix transformed me into a shallow shell to servitude—a perfect model of ISAN assassin.
I pulled my gun from the side of my boot and took aim. The bodyguard who had shot Roxy’s team went down first, followed by the others.
Don’t look at their faces. Don’t make eye contact. But I did look at their faces, and I did make eye contact.
Each guard held my foster father’s cruel face, his steel malevolent eyes. I saw the man who ripped the happiness out of my soul, who towered over me into submission, and molded me into a terrified little girl. For a heartbeat I froze, knees buckling, heart palpitating with trepidation and regret. I became that little girl. A rat, he had called me, and beat me until I stopped crying from missing my mother.
No more. No more. I am no longer that petrified girl.
Then, one after the other, as hunger for revenge drove me, as if each of the men was him, I shot them until they were all down.

Author Bio:
International Bestselling Author Mary Ting/M. Clarke resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroads Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one-Something Great. Why the pen name, M Clarke? She tours with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children’s chapter book-No Bullies Allowed.


Enticed By You by Meghana Sarathy - Book Tour + Giveaway

Enticed By You
Miraculous Love Book 1
by Meghana Sarathy
Contemporary Romance

313 pages

I’m Sara Waters. I had a perfect life – an almost perfect boyfriend- a career plan laid out. BUT….
One surprising encounter with my BOSS-Nathan Bankers and I see an all new face of his
One conversation with Nathan - my heart takes the fall and I come unhinged.
I fall for the WRONG guy, letting go of my right boyfriend.
I fall for the GUY twenty years elder to me – His age a mere number,
his attraction for me, my vice.
I fall for the Married man, father of two – Tucking away my own virtue
Nothing is black and white, right or wrong in love.
Our love might me dirty for the world, but it is pure in the bubble that
we have created and live in.
I love Nathan Bankers with all my heart and I make the best of my
limited time with him.
I also know that nothing can come out of it – EVER
No expectations and no hopes of a HEA for me
An undying love for a man who was never meant to be MINE
And yet I have him ENTICED

Enticed by you is the first book in the duet. This book contains graphical
sex and certain 'triggers' that are suitable for readers above the age of 18.

My days in the office can’t possibly get better than this.  Just in a matter of few weeks, office has become my favourite and it’s all thanks to once person who can go to any heights to ensure I’m happy.
 I look at me calendar and my eyes widen at the new meeting that wasn’t scheduled an hour ago. It is scheduled by the great Nathan and I’m the only participant. I shouldn’t be surprised. The meeting is to start now, but instead of directly joining, I first ping Nathan.
Another impromptu meeting? Now what’s this for? :-O
He replies immediately.
I’m waiting for you. Join already.
Patience is a virtue. You clearly lack itJ
When it comes to you, I become an impatient monster. Now join already.
I can’t help the laughter that erupts from my throat as I join the call.
When promoted for my name, I answer, “Your most fav person in the world.”
“Are you serious?” his humorous tone fills my ear and I all but gasp. I have grown really fond of his gravelly yet timbre voice.
“Am I not the most favorite in the world for you?” I ask innocently.
“I never denied it, Sara, dear. But now we are using office connection, so obviously we need to behave. I don’t think the word even exists in your dictionary…”
“What the..” I stop myself when I see Diana turn my way with a suspicious look.
“Exactly my point,” He chuckles. Damn him. “I got a meeting room booked just for this. You still in your seat?”
“It was set up in short notice. I saw it just now,” I admit honestly. Even I would have preferred a meeting room.
“That’s the fun part. As for your earlier question, I’m in office, I have loads of work, many meetings to attend and yet I wanted to talk to you. We haven’t spoken in two days.”
“I missed you. But you could have just called me on my phone…”
“I wanted to talk business with you, but not entirely, we can do both,” he tells confidently.
“How is that? I am stuck in my desk,” I groan.
“That means I’ll have more fun. Anyway, this meeting is all about me teaching you basic DA validation. Something that will really help you out in your day to day work.”
“I already know that, thought I haven’t actually done it by myself before..”
I don’t complete my sentence as I get a message from him on my phone. I slide up the notification to read it.
Groan like that again and you will be on my lap with my hands on your ass.”
“Nate, what are you doing?”
“Like I said, I’m going to teach you in clear and elaborate why on how to test functionality using only DA tool,” he answers arrogantly.  “Doing you a favor, madam.”
I reply to him even as I try to talk over the phone.
AWWWWWW. Is this the sound that excites you? You have to make me groan.  Show me what those hands are capable of.
“You’re playing a smart game, Nathan. But I’ll manage. I’m capable of multitasking just like you,” I tell confidently.
“Game? I’m just mentoring you, Sara. I’m an expert at this. You still have a long way to go. Let me share my screen.”
Even as he starts to screen share, I get a new reply.
You already know what they are capable of. You did see them in action just recently. You’ll have to wait to experience just how they will manhandle the fine, creamy tissues of your pussy.
And it goes on. Crazy guy. He somehow manages to teach me and turn me on simultaneously. Twenty minutes into the meeting and I become a mere toy in his hands. Yet, I end up having the fun of my life.

Meghana V writes with the pen name Sagarika. She is from Bangalore, India.
She is an avid reader. She mainly reads Adult and New Adult romance
as well as dark and psychological thrillers. She plans on writing
mainly for these Genres.
She spends most of her free time reading, writing or watching anime.
Depending on her mood, she tends to write two to three books at a
time. She is a crazy fan of Dragonball Z and can be seen watching the
episodes in repeat. Vegeta is her all time favourite character.

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Murder, She Knit by Peggy Ehrhart - Book Tour + Giveaway

Murder, She Knit
A Knit & Nibble Mystery Book 1
by Peggy Ehrhart

Cozy Mystery

Since her only daughter left for college, widow Pamela Paterson has kept
busy as associate editor of a craft magazine and founder of the Knit
and Nibble knitting club in quaint Arborville, New Jersey. Now, she’s
trying out a new hobby—solving murders!
Pamela is hosting the next Knit and Nibble meeting and can’t wait to liven
up her otherwise empty home with colorful yarn, baking, and a little
harmless gossip. She even recruits Amy Morgan, an old friend who
recently moved to town, as the group’s newest member. But on the
night of the gathering, Amy doesn’t show. Not until Pamela finds
the woman dead outside—a knitting needle stabbed through the front
of her handmade sweater . . .
Someone committed murder before taking off with Amy’s knitting bag, and
Pamela realizes that only she can spot the deadly details hidden in
mysterious skeins. But when another murder occurs, naming the
culprit—and living to spin the tale—will be more difficult than
Pamela ever imagined . . . 
Knitting tips and delicious recipe included!

Pamela glanced around for the cat-food dish. It was nowhere to be seen on the porch. Reluctant to have a plastic dish littering her yard as early risers passed on the way to bus stops or school, she headed down the steps. Between the full moon and the streetlamp, the yard could be seen clearly. The front walk was a silver ribbon of concrete, with a few fallen leaves scattered here and there. The lawn was a soft gray, mottled with more leaves. That soft gray darkened into the shadows along the hedge that divided Pamela’s yard from the property of the church next door. Pamela ventured onto the lawn, puzzled about where the dish could have gotten to. Catrina was often so enthusiastic about her food that Pamela had watched through the oval window in the front door as the cat nudged the dish across the porch floor and down the steps. Well, she decided, the dish clearly wasn’t littering the lawn. It would turn up in daylight, and if not, a plastic dish was no great loss. But as she turned toward the house to go back in, she noticed a flash of white among the shadows under the hedge. Pamela’s porch spanned the front of her house, and between the porch and hedge there was only a narrow corridor leading past the side of the house and into the backyard. Had Catrina pushed the cat-food dish all that way in search of a private place to enjoy her meal? Pamela hurried across the lawn toward the white spot, laughing to herself about the proclivities of this wild little creature that had come into her life. But as she got closer, she stopped. She wasn’t looking at a plastic dish, but at a human hand, palm slightly cupped and facing upward. Too shocked to feel frightened, she bent to look closer. The hand emerged from a sleeve whose dark fabric blended with the shadows. She pushed the unruly branches of the hedge aside, and moonlight illuminated the motionless face of Amy Morgan, still beautiful even in what was quite obviously death. Amy’s coat had been unbuttoned and peeled back, revealing a pale sweater whose distinctive texture showed it to have been knit by hand. But its pale color had been stained by a large, dark patch centered to the left of the buttons that marched down its front. Protruding from the center of the stain was what looked like a knitting needle. Pamela bent closer. Yes, it was undoubtedly a knitting needle, its metal surface gleaming in the moonlight. She pushed more branches aside, and Amy’s legs and feet came into view. She’d have to call the police. But just then she couldn’t move.

Peggy Ehrhart is a former English professor who lives in Leonia, New
Jersey, where she writes mysteries and plays blues guitar. She holds
a Ph.D. in medieval literature from the University of Illinois and
taught writing and literature at Queens College, CUNY, and Fairleigh
Dickinson University, where she was a tenured full professor. Her
short stories have appeared in Futures Mystery Anthology
Magazine, Crime and Suspense, Flashing in the Gutters, Spinetingler,
Crime Scene: New Jersey 2, and Murder New York Style. A longtime
member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime, Peggy
served on the board of MWA New York as head of the Mentor Committee.
She was president of Sisters in Crime NY/TriState from 2013 to 2015.
Peggy regularly attends mystery writing conferences and participates
in conference panels and also gives talks on mystery fiction at
libraries in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

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